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目 を 醒 ま せ

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“you're treating this "life" thing too seriously; i'm a topological property thats finitely productive but not infinitely productive”

-Author Unknown

We All Love You!

Loveliness exudes from my inside. Mistake that. They are on their extension. I can not be forgiven by the world or myself. I don't know what I want to do, but I want someone to watch over, "I can't do that." I could not bear the loneliness of the outside as I overcame the obviousness, I was desperately desperate, or it might have looked like a swaying line. I can not project the joy of distant people to me. Because I am not in the scenery where they are. A tragedy that I have been completely present, but it has always been abandoned from humanity and the emptiness that has been born in a way that denies it .